Hasan Ahmed

Frontend Engineer

Creating accessible, scalable, and modern UIs using React, NextJS, and more...

About me

I'm a frontend engineer focused on accessibility and performance. I enjoy building inclusive web apps that are optimized to perform well and continue to grow. I'm also a self-taught developer and come from a Bachelor of IT background instead of traditional CS. I have more in depth experience working with operating systems, browsers, networks, and data management. With my software development skills, this gives me a better understanding of how my code runs and could be optimized from the browser all the way down the TCP/IP stack.

My go-to JS framework is NextJS because of it's built-in file based routing, incremental static regeneration, static site generation, and server-side rendering. I also enjoy using React because of the heavy lifting it does. I really like how it breaks the UI into components, hooks/custom hooks, and it's performance optimizations. I'm looking forward to the additional features it'll provide such as server components and streaming HTML in React 18.