Hasan Ahmed

Welcome 👋 . . .

I'm a Fullstack & iOS Developer

About Me 📝

I'm a fullstack web applications and Jr iOS + React Native developer based in Toronto + Calgary. I specialize in proof of concepts, protoypes, and UX/UI. Although I don't consider myself a designer, I'm more passionate about the backend since I'm more of a logical thinker, hence I designed my website to be very minimalistic 😉. I also have more experience developing the business logic aspects of a program. I tend to enjoy building APIs, microservices, servers, and databases, however, I still have a good eye for detail.

Development 🏗️

Ruby on Rails, React + React Native, Databases, GraphQL, APIs, Express + NodeJS, Chrome Dev Tools, Firebase, and NextJS

Development Practices 🧘🏽‍♂️

Agile methodology, Code Modularity, Test Driven Development using Jest or Mocha + Chai, Scalability, Object Oriented Programming in Java and Ruby, as well as other languages such as Swift and Javascript/Typescript

Computer Science 🤖

Algorithm design, data structures, Big O notation & Time Space Complexity, Networking, Security, and a strong mathematical foundation

Projects ⚙️

View my projects below