Hasan Ahmed

Frontend Engineer

Front-end developer with experience building robust web applications. Comfortable working in fast-paced environments, collaborating with teams to define goals, ship frequently, and implement new technologies to deliver business results.


November 2019- Current

Al Mumtaz Home Healthcare, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates β€”(Remote) Full Stack Developer

  • I was part of a three developer team (two fullstack, one QA) where we built an in-house patient database system using MongoDB since the patient records were not relational. This also required an internal website and APIs. We then switched over to a SAAS solution and migrated the data.
  • We built the internal website using Next.JS which also included an English & Arabic version of the website. This project required forms, accessibility, i18n, and a server-rendered page. I was tasked with optimizing performance and lagging issues with the form submission. I utilized Next.JS for it’s performance benefits and Formik to handle submissions on the server-rendered page. I also converted the class components to functional components for code reusability and longevity.


  • React, Redux, Next.JS
  • Git/Github & CI/CD
  • Chrome Developer Tools & Lighthouse
  • TDD, Jest, and React-Testing-Library
  • API & Middleware (Node, Express JS , GraphQL)
  • MongoDB, SQL, MySQL
  • Responsive Design & Mobile First Development
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Design Patterns & MVC architecture
  • Object oriented & functional programming
  • Acessibility and performance optimizations